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Pennant Forex Trading Strategy The PPG Trading Strategy

ppg trading plan

Today you would like to look at a fantastic pennant forex currency trading plan. You may see just what a bullish pennant and that which a bearish pennant is and the way exactly to earn a pennant flag. This tactic very similar to our break-out strategy we’ve developed a little while back, but just this plan trades different flag pattern technical investigation.

What Exactly Are Pennant Patterns? Flag and Pennants meaning

Pennant patterns shape after a potent cost movement. The reason being following having a powerful upwards or downwardmovement the buyers or the sellers require a rest andbattle to get a short-period until the tendency finally ends up and continues the key tendency.

Let’s watch an example of the:

wedge graph blueprint

You view previously that the “pole” in the event that you would like to call it which had a powerful upward movement (not exactly verticle). The buyers subsequently started to close their rankings and forced exactly the tendency stall and shape what’s called a pennant design. Some sellers got in earlier brand new buyers left entrances and in the course of time kept the principal fad visiting the up side. That is what goes on each moment that a pennant patternis formed.

There are two Kinds of pennants which form on graphs:

1. Bearish Pennant= This bearish flag has been formed after there’s a powerful downtrend (not exactly verticle). The sellers close their rankings and take the benefit. This consolidation Will result in additional vendors becoming Onboard and, therefore, the Purchase Price will be pushed


bearish flag

2. Bullish Pennant= This bullish flag made afterwards there’s a powerful up trend (not exactly verticle). The buyers close their rankings and take the benefit. This consolidation will subsequently result in additional buyers becoming onboard and, ergo, the purchase price will be pushed upward.


bullish pennant flag

Once the purchase price breaks either of those “pennants”, you probably would like to have up to speed and trade these since the purchase price is prepared to takeoff and keep themain trend as a result of all of the sellers/ buyers becoming back in at exactly the exact same moment.

We discussed in our additional informative article that talks concerning traders making trading decisions in certainplaces on the graphs. Consider it, everybody is taking a look at exactly the exact graphs and therefore are seeing exactly the exact same task. If a breakout does occur, everybody else sees this happen also leaves a trade choice. Additionally, Learn about Scaling in and Scaling outside in Forex.

The PPG trading system utilizes a Couple of components That Will Help You decide a trade entrance:

  1. Parabolic Sar Indicator
  2. Lines Drawn By You
  3. Price Action Analysis

You are able to trade this particular strategy on almost any given time period.

I love trading on 30 minutes time up and frames but that still may perhaps work with 1m-15 instant graphs.

Pennant Forex Trading Strategy: Steps to Trading

Step No 1 Apply Parabolic SAR index to the graph

SAR index to graph

The Parabolic SAR index will reveal to you where in fact the principal trend is going. Have a look at our Parabolic SAR plan here in the event that you like tospecifically trade for this specific index. With this tactic, wehave this around the graph to help us produce a fantastic trading decision when it is time to generate an entry/exit that trade.

Step No 2 Find a Strong Bullish, Bearish Trend

Most likely you may realize that occur with 2 5 strong consecutive bullish or bearish candles. You can find not any Retracement candles; those should be unsustainable up or down candles.

It ought to look like that:

forex flag layout index

This has been shot to a EURUSD 30-minute graph. Notice the SAR dots are all below the candles, and it is definitely an indication that the tendency is pushing upward. When the dots are below the candles, then the tendency is moving up, whenever they’re above the candles that the tendency is moving down.

As you may observe, this movement was tremendous. I only 3 hours moved 78 pips!

So in case you were at a trade that proceeded 78 pips in just three hours, then which is likely that the results? You’re becoming out!

Which brings us to the next measure.

Step Number 3 Analyze Consolidation After Big Price Move

Now you wait patiently…

large price movement

After that 78 pip upwards movement you notice that lots of buyers got using the trade and required their benefit. What exactly is most prone that occurs is the fact that there are going to be a quick struggle between the sellers and buyers in this point in front of a fresh wave of buyers will probably takeover and drive up the price again!

You are interested in being some of these buyers, and that’s the reason why using a plan similar to that is essential to really have. Some view which proceed and don’t have any idea exactly what happened and at which they need to input whether the tendency is going to last. But You Won’t be among these once you understand that this approach

What to wait around for until you are able to input a trade.

Step No 4 Draw Pennant that’s Forming

Here is how you draw this:

pennant drawing

No 1- Draw a line onto the Strong Bullish candles which shaped

No 2, Number 3- Draw a line onto the greater highs and lower extremities (If you know these really are tap and I go in to detail about this at our Breakout Tri-angle plan )

Once you get this done, you’re currently ready to come across an entry when it break-out out with the pennant.

This really is exactly what it’ll currently look as on the graph:

strong bullish candles

Step Number 5 The Breakout

Ah yes…

The very best portion of this plan would be visiting that price break out of this pennant you drawn on the graph.

Break out candle

**Note Since that really is actually a Bullish Pennant the purchase price will soon want to break out of the cap of the pennant just like you see previously. If that really were a Bearish Pennant, you’d have had to observe that the purchase price below.

Let me show you what I mean:

bull flag versus keep flag

I gave you a good illustration of that which could occur whether the pennant broke out below that Bull flag. That will be perhaps not exactly what you would like to see this strategy. You would like to trade from direction of the principal strong bullish fashion!

If the price breaks under the pennant, then I wouldn’t go into a trade based off the guidelines with the particular strategy. But there are strategies you should utilize to trade this however also for your own PPG trade plan in the event the values break beneath the pennant at a bullish pennant then avert trading. The same is true to get a bearish pennant. If it breaks over the pennant, then don’t more take the trade.

Step Number 6 After Breakout, Make The Trade for this Pennant Forex Strategy

So once the purchase price breaks from this pennant, you’re technically harmless to earn a trade whether it’s a robust break out candle just like in our case.

pennant forex trade

This is actually a wonderful destination for a trade as when the trend continues you have a wonderful spot to be!

Note** (This really is actually the complex entry position) The main reason is that is complex is it takes more of an amount action analysis that newcomer traders mightn’t understand things to be searching for.

Another place that you can make your entrance will be whenever the cost breaks the cap of the pennant. (For novice traders I Would Recommend this entry place )

All you really can do is draw a flat line at the Peak of the pennant, and once the cost action breaks that you create a purchase entry as you see underneath:

price actions investigation

So this case, you truly could have gotten about halfway for the reason that potent bullish break out candle. The main reason is that urge that entrance for newcomer traders is this takes to price action analysis outside from this picture to establish whether the candle has been a robust bullish candle or even perhaps not. You draw on a very simple lineup. The purchase price breaks online, and also you trade it!

Take Profit/ Stop Loss

The price tag should proceed rapidly, and also you ought to maintain gain a little while.

To put you stop-loss, determine a support/resistance area and set in below this at a invest in trade or above this area at a sell trade.

immunity and encourage

The guideline with those pennant patterns which the 2nd break out will probably proceed so far as the original. The very first bullish fashion, because you remember me moved 78 pips in 3 months. We could take another 78 pip move.

Always be cautious of price action whenever you’re in a trade, though.

As you can observe previously, this trade transferred a total of 70 pips over the next move at which we entered the trade according to this plan. Very near to 78 pips, however, perhaps not exactly.

PersonallyI live within a trade with this particular strategy before I visit price actions consolidating by assessing Parabolic SAR and analyzing the purchase price movement.

I might have left here:


We shut this trade having a 68 pip triumph.

The parabolic revealed us consecutive spans above the candles. This might possibly be a indication that upward movement has ended and you also need to consider leaving like so many other traders do.

That is exactly what ‘s fine about the Parabolic SAR. Once you see something that way (5 consecutive dots), then you might have a fantastic idea about what the tendency may possibly perform fleetingly. If you see this occurring and also you see price actions consolidating afterward consider a tracking stop, or departing the trade altogether.


The Pennant Forex Trading Strategy isn’t hard to learn with just a small practice might be whatever you could want to earn an income trading. All these are a few of my personal favorite layouts to see and also trade. We spoke briefly about resistance and support areas for this particular strategy, of course in the event that you still aren’t quite grasping that which we mean, have a look at the Rabbit Trail Strategy which speaks a whole lot about it particular.

Please make a comment below in the event that you have some questions regarding Pennant Forex Trading Strategy!